• Biography

    As a child, playing freely in an eclectic fashion, little Ruso was creating the foundations of her life's art; to make music.

    Song-writing has always been at the centre of her life, her very first song, 'La Flama' written in Budapest in 2006 became a track on her self-produced debut album

    La Ciutat Imaginària  (The Imaginary City; self published 2009). The same year she wins two prestigious competitions and embarks on a series of travels to Italy. There, while touring in collaboration with jazz pianist Kekko Fornarelli, she records her second album Mar Endins (Inland Sea,Freshsound 2013), into which the diverse sounds of the Mediterranean and Nordic Italian are deftly woven. The same year her path crosses that of Sardinian guitarist Caterinangela Fadda, together they win several awards (Pino PIras and premio Andrea Parodi with the song "la Meva terra") and record Ruso's third album Fil de Coure (Copper Thread, Microscopi 2015).

    At this point her sensitivities deepen to the fragrance and colours of Mediterranean sounds, and she paints their extracts and pigments into her songs. Collaborative performances follow; Sephardic songs with Rosa Zaragosa, music from the Arabo-Andalusian culture with Amine Tilioua and traditional Iberian folk with Coetus.

    In recent years Ruso has been sharing her passions far and wide; to Argentina, Poland, Portugal and all over Spain. Work began on her fourth album Desirem (We Desire; Microscopi 2019) in 2107, collaborating with percussionist Aleix Tobias and multi-instrumentalist Miriam Encinas. Premiered in Barcelona 2019, this moving, elegant and innovative album pushes the boundaries of the genre, leaving it changed forever.

    Ruso's passion for collaboration has included Bente Kahan, Clara Peya, Tanit Navarro, Rosa Zaragoza, Giulia Valle, Sakapatú, Joan Isaac, Ian Sala, etc.