• Rusó Sala / Aleix Tobias / Miriam Encinas


    Rusó Sala: guitar and voice

    Miriam Encinas: dilruba, medievla viola, flutes, percussion

    Aleix Tobias: drums and percussion

    Singer-songwriter Rusó Sala presents her new album in collaboration with musicians Aleix Tobias and Miriam Encinas. A fresh, innovative and elegant project which pushes the boundaries of the genre. Gathering the aromas of the Empordà into songs which are like arrows of desire; how do we feed the creative impulse in a world full of contradiction? How do we surrender to love and it's universality?

    A collection of songs written by Ruso, woven with fine texts of Ramon Llull, of trobairitz Bieris de Roman, melodies from Sephardic and andalus-arabic musical culture. Desirem (We desire) is the forth album from the singer-songwriter Rusó Sala.

  • Rusó Sala


    Rusó Sala : guitar and voice

    Listening to Rusó Sala reveals the sensation of having been immersed in aquamarine ocean. Her well seasoned guitar lifts the voice, light as a feather, at times sirenesque, who sings for those no longer with us and those yet to come, with the wild brushstrokes of tramuntana, beckoning us with each new dawn. The traditional flavours that emerge, slow-cooked, from Sala's musical cuisine, produce a deliciously intense experience of songs written by the Empordanese artist.



  • Rusó Sala / Caterinangela Fadda


    Rusó Sala: guitar and voice
    Caterinangela Fadda: guitar and second voices

    Rusó Sala, accompanied by Sardinian guitarist Caterinangela Fadda, presents her album Fil de Coure (Copper Thread). Born from the dialogue between the two women, a perfect symbiosis of elemental forces; guitar and voice forge the sounds of the Mediterranean, breezes from the sea or the cradle, cries of love, pleas for solitude, echoes of old melodies and the music of its poetry.

    An experience that (re)connects us with our purest singer-songwriter, without artifice, naked and delectable.

  • Rusó & Ian Sala


    Rusó Sala: guitar and voice
    Ian Sala: guitar, voice and harmonica

    Sibling duo Rusó and Ian Sala, two of the most interesting voices on the Catalan music scene, share and exchange songs from their respective repertoires.

    They describe this new adventure together thus “Two siblings from the Empordà unite Mediterranean folk with Daliesque country-surrealism, with self-written songs arranged for two voices, two guitars and harmonica. Nothing more is needed. The most suprising thing is that we rediscover eachother and ourselves at every concert.”