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    Singer-songwriter Rusó Sala presents her new album in collaboration with musicians Aleix Tobias and Miriam Encinas. A fresh, innovative and elegant project which pushes the boundaries of the genre. Gathering the aromas of the Empordà into songs which are like arrows of desire; how do we feed the creative impulse in a world full of contradiction? How do we surrender to love and it's universality?

    A collection of songs written by Ruso, woven with fine texts of Ramon Llull (one of them called 'Desirà l'Amic' , inspiration to name the disc), of trobairitz Bieris de Roman ('Na Maria'), melodies from Sephardic and andalus-arabic musical culture. Desirem (We desire) is the forth album from the singer-songwriter Rusó Sala.

    Recorded at Saudades studio, mixed by Luca Germini and masterized by Joel Condal, 2019-2020.

    Musicians: Rusó Sala, guitar and voice; Miriam Encinas, dilruba, medievla viola, flutes, percussion; Aleix Tobias, drums and percussion


  • Microscopi, 2015


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    2015 saw the release of Rusó's third album Fil de Coure (Copper Thread), accompanied by Sardinian guitarist Caterinangela Fadda. Giving prominance to the voice and two guitars, the singer, guitarist and composer from Roses presents a work of raw, emotionally intimate and lovingly-crafted songs.

    This album is perhaps the most sincere and honest work by the Empordan artist. Incorporating languages, music and poetry with a naturalness learned over the years, Rusó Sala returns to her origins with Fil de Coure; 13 songs in four languages including her own compositions, musical poems of FG Lorca, Enric Cassasses, Maria M. Marçal and Cesare Pavese, and a hommage to the Latinamerican tradition of song.

  • Freshsound Records, 2013


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    Mar Endins (Inland Sea), the second album from Rusó Sala, is the fruit of her collaboration with Italian jazz pianist Kekko Fornarelli – described by Paolo Fresu as one of the most interesting young pianists on the current scene.

    The two ingredients of jazz and mediterranean music combine to make the perfect poetic fusion. Rusó's crystalline voice emanates an eloquence and sensitivity uniquely hers, a style of transmission which works as well for melancholic balads as brighter melodies.

    Kekko Fornarelli's versatile arrangement of the quartets' compositions compliment Rusó's songs with a subtle intensity, revealing new colour and emotion, displaying this brilliant jewell of an album in its full glory.

    Recorded at Sorriso Studio de Barri, Italy.


    Rusó Sala; guitar and vocals, Kekko Fornarelli; piano and keyboards, Dario Congelo; drums, Giampaolo Laurentaci; double bass.

  • Self produced, 2009


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    “Bravely singing 'we are made to confront the demons that surround us', Rusó Sala's first album is a stroll around an imaginary city undeterred, freely expressing the warmth of our minds wanderings and loves illusions. Sala's voice and guitar toss us among spoiled letters, disrobed of sentiment and thought. The smallness of being (and who am I?), the respect for ones own (Letter to Grandparents) and the lost happiness of a girl grown-up (Nena). Ten great tracks alive with feeling. Songs calling for a calm from the consummate pen of this young singer-songwriter from Girona.” Enderrock Review, March 2010

    Recorded and mixed at Rodrigo Guaico home studio, 2008-2009

    Musicians: Rusó Sala, guitar and voice; Pablo Guirao: acoustic guitar; Ariadna Just, clarinet; Rodrigo Guaico, guitar